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 [[hardware:​shimtunnel|Using a Shim Tunnel to send Netflow to a remote Trisul]] [[hardware:​shimtunnel|Using a Shim Tunnel to send Netflow to a remote Trisul]]
 +[[hardware:​shimtunnelintro|Use a Shim Tunnel when you cant use GRE or NAT ]]
 ===== Docker ===== ===== Docker =====
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 [[admin:​ha|Primary and backup configuration]] [[admin:​ha|Primary and backup configuration]]
 +[[admin:​udpserver|Check if UDP packets are received]]
 +===== SNMP =====
 +[[articles:​portvlanid|Mapping Port names to VLAN ID]] 
 ===== External links ===== ===== External links =====
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