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 They fall into three categories They fall into three categories
-  - **Analytics** — Using the Trisul LUA API adds custom analysis +  - **Analytics** — Using the Trisul LUA API adds custom analysis. 
-  - **JS/D3 Dashboards** — Uses the JavaScript/​TRP API to visualize historical data +  - **JS/D3 Dashboards** — Uses the JavaScript/​TRP API to visualize historical data. 
-  - **Packaged Dashboard** — Dashboards, modules, and configuration sharing+  - **Packaged Dashboard** — Dashboards, modules, and configuration sharing.
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-===== New Apps and announcements ​ =====+===== New Apps and Announcements ​ =====
-==== Simple Business Dashboard ​====+To know more about the features of Trisul Apps, Here is a video.  
 +**The Top Premium Apps of Trisul are,** 
 +==== FireHOL Checker ​==== 
 +The new [[tips:​firehol_checker|]] App creates a high priority alert for block listed IPs(Level 1) and Low Level Priority alert for Malicious Ips(level 3),Shift to level 1 if significant data transfer occurs.  
 +To view more about FireHOL Checker App, Follow [[https://​​trisulnsm/​apps/​tree/​master/​analyzers/​firehol|GitHub Apps: FireHOL Checker]]. 
 +==== CIDR Flow Tagger ==== 
 +The new [[tips:​cidr_flows|]] App creates Automatic flow tags for all the network traffic with CIDR network tags and integrate them into the backend indices. 
 +To view more about CIDR Flow Tagger App, Follow [[https://​​trisulnsm/​apps/​tree/​master/​analyzers/​cidr-tagger|GitHub Apps: CIDR Flow Tagger]]. 
 +==== IP2Location LITE Geo Metrics ==== 
 +The new [[tips:​ip2location_lite_geo_metrics|]] App  processes the following CSV databases and provide data in UI. 
 +  * ASN-Lite:​Metrics based on Autonomous System Number. 
 +  * DB3-Lite:​Metrics based on Country and City. 
 +  * P2-Lite:​Metrics based on Proxies. 
 +To view more about IP2Location LITE Geo Metrics App, Follow [[https://​​trisulnsm/​apps/​tree/​master/​analyzers/​ip2location|GitHub Apps: IP2Location]]. 
 +==== Suricata-EVE-Unixsocket ==== 
 +The new [[tips:​suricata-eve-unixsocket|]] App creates threat signatures that will turn into a powerful frontline alert monitoring system for any enterprise.Usually Suricata show up as IDS alerts in Trisul. 
 +To view more about Suricata-EVE-Unixsocket,​ Follow [[https://​​trisulnsm/​apps/​tree/​master/​analyzers/​suricata-eve-unixsocket 
 +|GitHub Apps: Suricata-EVE-Unixsocket]]. 
 +==== TLS Fingerprinter ==== 
 +The new [[app:​tlsfingerprint|]] App is used to guess a SSL/TLS client intelligently with known prints and build a profile for known clients for white-listing using JA3-Hash. 
 +To view more about TLS Fingerprinter App , Follow [[https://​​trisulnsm/​apps/​tree/​master/​analyzers/​tls-print|GitHub Apps: TLS Fingerprinter]].
-The new [[app:​simplebusiness|Simple Business]] dashboard presents common business information on a single dashboard. ​ Install this app to get a Live dashboard to view current data and a Retro dashboard which allows you to select a time interval at any time in the past.  
-===== Analytics apps ===== 
-These apps use the [[https://​​docs/​lua/​|Trisul LuaJIT API]] to provide extra functionality to the packet and flow processing pipelines. ​ 
-  * [[app:​tlsfingerprint|TLS Fingerprinter]] : adds metering for TLS Fingerprints 
-  * [[app:​savebinaries|Save Binaries]] : save potential malware files using the file extraction LUA API 
-  * [[apps:​firehol|FireHOL checker]] : check traffic against FireHOL Crime lists  
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