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Trisul Apps

Trisul Apps are click-to-install extensions to Trisul Network Analytics.

They fall into three categories

  1. Analytics — Using the Trisul LUA API adds custom analysis.
  2. JS/D3 Dashboards — Uses the JavaScript/TRP API to visualize historical data.
  3. Packaged Dashboard — Dashboards, modules, and configuration sharing.

New Apps and Announcements

To know more about the features of Trisul Apps, Here is a video.


The Top Premium Apps of Trisul are,

FireHOL Checker

The new FireHOL Checker App creates a high priority alert for block listed IPs(Level 1) and Low Level Priority alert for Malicious Ips(level 3),Shift to level 1 if significant data transfer occurs.

To view more about FireHOL Checker App, Follow GitHub Apps: FireHOL Checker.

CIDR Flow Tagger

The new CIDR Flows Tagger App creates Automatic flow tags for all the network traffic with CIDR network tags and integrate them into the backend indices.

To view more about CIDR Flow Tagger App, Follow GitHub Apps: CIDR Flow Tagger.

IP2Location LITE Geo Metrics

The new IP2Location LITE Geo Metrics App processes the following CSV databases and provide data in UI.

  • ASN-Lite:Metrics based on Autonomous System Number.
  • DB3-Lite:Metrics based on Country and City.
  • P2-Lite:Metrics based on Proxies.

To view more about IP2Location LITE Geo Metrics App, Follow GitHub Apps: IP2Location.


The new Suricata-EVE-Unixsocket App creates threat signatures that will turn into a powerful frontline alert monitoring system for any enterprise.Usually Suricata show up as IDS alerts in Trisul.

To view more about Suricata-EVE-Unixsocket, Follow GitHub Apps: Suricata-EVE-Unixsocket.

TLS Fingerprinter

The new TLS Fingerprinting using Trisul App is used to guess a SSL/TLS client intelligently with known prints and build a profile for known clients for white-listing using JA3-Hash.

To view more about TLS Fingerprinter App , Follow GitHub Apps: TLS Fingerprinter.

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