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This article provides instructions for installing Suricata-Eve-Unixsocket app in Trisul Network Analytics. The Suricata-Eve app allows you to integrate Suricata IDS alerts into Trisul metrics framework.


1. Installing Suricata App

  • You can install the app by logging in as admin and selecting Web Admin > Manage > Apps > Suricata via Eve Unixsocket.

2. Installing Suricata version 5.0

Please install Suricata by running the following command,

add-apt-repository ppa:oisf/suricata-stable
sudo apt-get update
apt-get install suricata

3. Updating with latest ruleset

Use the following command to update the latest emerging-threats ruleset

sudo suricata-update

suricata-update puts the combined rules in /var/lib/suricata/rules which is owned by root. Make sure the trisul user can read this directory.

sudo chown trisul.trisul /var/lib/suricata -R 

4. Enabling EVE_unix Socket

  • locate the 'Outputs' section in /etc/suricata/suricata.yaml enable EVE logging as shown below.
# Extensible Event Format (nicknamed EVE) event log in JSON format
  - eve-log:
      enabled: yes
      filetype: unix_dgram  #regular| 
      filename: suricata_eve.socket
The Filename is 'suricata_eve.socket' is the name of the Unix Datagram socket file that Trisul will listen to later.

5. Starting Suricata

  • Login as Admin and Select Admin Tasks.
  • Click on 'More options' dropbox at the end of probe0.
  • You will find a Dialog box with command line to install Suricata as below.
  • Cut and paste the command shown into a terminal to start suricata
sudo suricata --user trisul -l /usr/local/var/lib/trisul-probe/domain0/probe0/context0/run -c /etc/suricata/suricata.yaml -i ens33 -D

6. Viewing Alerts

7. Starting Suricata Automatically

  • You need to install monit to enable this feature.
  • Add a shellscript named in /usr/local/etc/trisul-probe/

echo "Removing PID file"
/bin/rm -f /var/run/

echo "Starting suricata"
/usr/bin/suricata --user trisul -l /usr/local/var/lib/trisul-probe/domain0/probe0/context0/run -c /etc/suricata/suricata.yaml -i ens18 -D

echo "Done starting suricata"
  • Make sure the shell script is executable. It can be done by
chmod +x
  • You need to add the following statements in the /etc/monit/monitrc file.
check process suricata with pidfile /var/run/
  start program = "/usr/local/etc/trisul-probe/"
  • Please ensure you restart monit
systemctl restart monit
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