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Cisco Umbrella Top 1M Domains List

This app helps with providing guidelines for installing Cisco Umbrella Top 1M Domains List app in Trisul Network Analytics.

To create a Domain Topper Counter that can be used in NSM to train the spotlight on least common domains seen in your network traffic.

Some of the uses can be

  1. Visibility - To know the usage patterns outside the Top-1M in your enterprise.
  2. Detect Outliers - To detect rare domains, those created by DGA, typically used by malware.
  3. Iterative - To add white-list based on your enterprise and fine tune this list.
Added Quantcast-Top-1M to this as well. So any domain that is not in either of the lists can be truly said to be outside Top-1M


  • To install this App logon as admin, then select App from Web Admin > Manage > Apps > Umbrella Top1M.

  • Post install , Run the '' script to keep the FireHOL list updated as shown below.

Pre-Requisites You need to install a few packages namely

  • Luajit - apt install luajit.
  • Unzip - apt install unzip.
  • Libleveldb - apt install libleveldb1v5.
For Ubuntu-18.04,You should add the universe repository using 'sudo add-apt-repository universe'.

Installing the Feed

  • You must run the '' script in this folder to download the Umbrella-Top-1M list and keep it updated.
  • Run the following command,
#curl -O
#bash ./
Please ensure you restart the probe after this step.

Viewing Data

This APP adds a new counter group called 'Outside Umbrella Top-1M'.To view the metrics,

  1. Go to Retro > Retro Counters.
  2. Select a desired Time-frame and select 'Outside Umbrella Top-1M' COunter-group.

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