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Adding Logo to UI

This article explains how you can add logo to Trisul UI


Please ensure the following steps are done before adding Logo to the Trisul User Interface.

  1. The dimensions of the logo must be 200 x 90 or nearly equal to that.
  2. The logo file should be in the 'tmp' directory.

Configuring OEM settings

  • Go to the directory /usr/local/share/webtrisul/config/initializers
  • Open the oem_settings.rb file.
  • Change SHOW_CUSTOMER_LOGO=fasle to 'true'
cd /usr/local/share/webtrisul/config/initalizers
vi oem_settings.rb

Copying the Logo file to Webtrisul

  • Copy the Logo file file to /user/local/share/webtrisul/public/assets.
  • Restart webtrisul.
cp /tmp/<logo file> /usr/local/share/webtrisul/public/assets/customer_logo.png
systemctl restart webtrisuld
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