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Netflow configuration for Cisco ASR

Cisco ASR stands for Aggregation Services Router, it is used as an Edge router in many ISP and large enterprise networks. The ASR 9000 is also used as a Core router in many large ISPs.

The following is a useful configuration IPFIX configuration template. We recommend IPFIX.

The IP addresses are

  • is the IP Address of the Netflow Collector
  • is the IP Address of the ASR


flow exporter my-exp
  destination ipv4-address
  source ipv4-address
  export-protocol ipfix
  template data timeout 30
  template data refresh 30
  transport udp 2055
flow record my-rec
  match interface output
  match interface input
  match ip protocol
  match ip cos
  match ipv4 destination address
  match ipv4 source address
  match transport source-port
  match transport destination-port
  collect counter bytes
  collect counter packets
  collect ipv4 destination address-mask
  collect ipv4 source address-mask
  collect routing next-hop-address ipv4
  collect routing bgp as-number source
  collect routing bgp as-number destination
  collect timestamp sys-uptime last
  collect timestamp sys-uptime first
  collect transport tcp flag
flow monitor my-monitor
  cache entries 4096
  cache timeout active 60
  cache timeout inactive 15
  record my-rec
  exporter my-exp
sampler my-sampler
  mode random 1 out-of 1000
interface intfgroup1
  ip flow monitor my-monitor sampler my-sampler unicast input
  ip flow monitor my-monitor sampler my-sampler unicast output
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