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IP2Location LITE Geo Metrics

This article helps with providing steps to install IP2 Location Geo App in Trisul Network Analytics.

Create a Geo based metering in Trisul using the IP2Location LITE databases.

This app processes the following CSV databases and provide data in UI.

  1. ASN-Lite:Metrics based on Autonomous System Number.
  2. DB3-Lite:Metrics based on Country and City.
  3. P2-Lite:Metrics based on Proxies.


You can install the app by logging in as admin and selecting Web Admin > Manage > Apps.

  • You must install the IP2Location Databases from
  • Unordered List ItemYou need to procure the DOWNLOAD_TOKEN and get theinstaller script to download and compile the databases.
  • To compile the database,Run the following.
curl -O
Please ensure you restart the probe node after this step.

Manual lookup using the checkip tool

You can run the checkip.lua tool to manually lookup for any IP in command line.

Viewing Data

  1. This app creates four separate counter groups named 'IP2LOC-Country/ASN/City/Proxy'.
  2. You can analyse the counters by selecting Retro > Retro Counters.

Cron Updates

  1. You can update the IP2LOC Database list every week using the script
  2. The updates are automatically picked up.
crontab -e -u trisul

# then add this line 
0 0 * * * /usr/local/share/trisul-probe/plugins/installfeed.s
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