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Installing Trisul on Ubuntu

This article helps you with installing Trisul Network Analytics in Ubuntu Operating System.

The Trisul Network Analytics system consists of 3 Core and 3 Optional Plugin packages.

Core packages These three packages are required.

  1. trisul-probe | the probe node
  2. trisul-hub | the hub node
  3. webtrisul | the webserver

Plugin packages Optional packages to provide extra functionality.

  1. trisul-badfellas | Badfellas plugin – compares traffic with public intel sources
  2. trisul-geo | Geo plugin – adds country and ASN metering
  3. trisul-urlfilter | Urlfilter – classifies web traffic

Ubuntu Installation

You can use apt-get or download and install the individual DEB packages manually.

Adding the APT repository

If you plan on using apt-get you need to add the repository to your sources.

sudo add-apt-repository 
sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys A6CC1B18
sudo apt-get update

Installing Packages individually using APT

You can also individually install the packages using apt-get

sudo apt-get install trisul-hub trisul-probe webtrisul

to install the plugins,

sudo apt-get install trisul-badfellas trisul-urlfilter trisul-geo

Installing the DEB packages manually

The DEB packages can be found on the Downloads page.

Download each DEB package and install them manually using dpkg -i trisul-probe-6.0_xxx.deb etc.

After installing the core packages, You will get a message saying 'Welcome to Trisul Network Analytics'.

Logging into Trisul UI

Once the Installation is done, You can access the Trisul UI which provides you with Real-Time Network Analytics. By Default,

For User Login, Username: user | Password: user

For Admin Login, Username: admin | Password: admin

After Logging in, The Trisul UI will look like this correesponding to the traffic(inbound/outbound).

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