12.10. Trisul Apps

Trisul Apps are plugins to enhance the capabilities of Trisul.

12.10.1 Plugin apps to extend Trisul

You can install, upgrade, install Trisul Apps right from the web interface.

You need internet access to github.com to use this feature.
Check Proxy Settings if you are behind a proxy server

To access Trisul Apps, Login as admin user

Select Web Admin > Manage > Apps

From here you can install, upgrade, or uninstall Trisul Apps.

12.10.2 Repositories

Currently the only repository enabled is https://github.com/trisulnsm/apps

12.10.3 Types of apps

There are three types of Trisul Apps

  1. JS/D3 Dashboard — A Javascript dashboard that pulls directly from the backend hubs.
  2. Packaged Dashboard — Modules and Dashboards shared by other users
  3. LUA Analytics — Custom streaming analytics


Click on README for instructions. Some of the LUA Analytics Apps need you to enable some features within Trisul.

Deployment on Probes

When you install a Trisul App, it is automatically deployed to all Probe nodes.

12.10.4 Creating your own apps

You can clone the trisulnsm/apps repository to see how an app is assembled.

Each apps lives inside a single directory

  • /appname
    • pkg.yaml – information about the app, the files to be included
    • README.md – instructions
    • thumbnail.png – image shown in Web UI
    • file1,file2 – all files to be included with the app
When the version number changes, the user will be given a hint that a “New version is now available”.