Change the Trisul webserver port

The Trisul webserver listens on port 3000 by default.

Steps to change Web Trisul ports

  • Shutdown Web Trisul
    systemctl stop webtrisuld
  • Change nginx.conf
    • Open the /usr/local/share/webtrisul/build/nginx.conf file as shown
      server {
        listen 3000;
        server_name localhost;
    • Change the 3000 to your new port
  • Start webtrisul
    systemctl start webtrisuld
  • Change the report port option

    Login as admin and go to Webadmin: Manage → App Settings and set the Web Server Port to your new port. This is used by an internal module of WebTrisul that generates periodic PDF reports.

  • Optional : Change the WebSockets 3003 port

    For real time stabbers Trisul uses Web Sockets on port 3003. To move this to another port

    • Open the /usr/local/share/webtrisul/build/thin-nginxd and change 3003 to your new port

End of task