Well known GUIDs

A GUID is a “Globally Unique Identifier” string used all over Trisul.

In case you have never used them before, GUIDS are nothing but a string of the form {889900CC-0063-11A5-8380-FEBDBABBDBEA}. This long string braces included, actually represents a 128 bit number that is guaranteed to be unique globally. We use this string in Trisul to prevent name collisions.

You may need to get hold of these GUIDs when working with

  1. Trisul Filter Expressions
  2. LUA scripts
  3. TRP Scripts

Creating a GUID

To create a new GUID you can use a tool available in the Trisul Probe package

$ trisulctl_probe testbench guid 

Common GUIDS

Here is a list of most common GUIDs that refers to various entities within Trisul.

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Built in Counter Groups

To view all counter groups login as Admin > context0:profile0 > Counter Groups
1 {889900CC-0063-11A5-8380-FEBDBABBDBEA} Internal Hosts
2 {00AA77BB-0063-11A5-8380-FEBDBABBDBEA} External Hosts
3 {EEF95297-0C8D-4673-AD6B-F4BD2345FD69} Web Hosts
4 {22D4082E-B8BA-40D0-A287-1F524DF8DA7B} Email Hosts
5 {439002E4-3758-4E88-9438-8034FE1616AF} SSH Hosts
6 {AE3A1449-5663-41A5-A028-FDE61DBB7EFA} Unusual Traffic Hosts
7 {FF889910-9293-AAA5-0028-883991889884} Unleash Apps
8 {4CD742B1-C1CA-4708-BE78-0FCA2EB01A86} Hosts
9 {429B65AD-CDA4-452E-A852-24D8A3D0FBB3} Subnets
10 {393B5EBC-AB41-4387-8F31-8077DB917336} Aggregates
11 {79F60A94-44BD-4C55-891A-77823D59161B} Dir Mac
12 {4B09BD22-3B99-40FC-8215-94A430EA0A35} Mac
13 {C51B48D4-7876-479E-B0D9-BD9EFF03CE2E} Apps
14 {8AC478BC-8891-0009-5F31-80774B010086} Interfaces
15 {9F5AD3A9-C74D-46D8-A8A8-DCDD773730BA} LinkLayerStats
16 {E89BCD56-30AD-40F5-B1C8-8B7683F440BD} NetworkLayerStats
17 {A8776788-B8E3-4108-AD24-0E3927D9364B} VSAT
18 {0EC72E9E-3AD2-43FD-8173-74693EEA08D0} VLANStats
19 {6CD742B1-C1CA-4708-BE78-0FCA2EB01A86} HostsIPv6
20 {D2AAD7C6-E129-4366-A2AD-A8CB9AA4C2F4} HTTP Hosts
21 {C0C9757F-2005-4CC5-BB96-D72F607E6188} HTTP Content Types
22 {2314BB8E-2BCC-4B86-8AA2-677E5554C0FE} FlowGens
23 {C0B04CA7-95FA-44EF-8475-3835F3314761} FlowIntfs
24 {A0FA9464-B496-4A20-A9AB-4D2D09AFF902} Alert Signatures
25 {20BC4345-37F0-44D0-ABFF-3BED97363CB1} Alert Classes
26 {664D68BF-5544-43CE-A895-50F2E179EA5A} Remote Office
27 {3A597F63-29C0-44AF-A7EF-641897D68693} Organization
28 {6255BD85-2DCB-49E7-AF1F-1267AAF4DCA1} Blacklist
29 {4D88CC23-2883-4DEA-A313-A23B60FE8BDA} Meta Counter Group
30 {594606BD-EEB2-4E0B-BAC4-84B7057088C8} Meta Session Group
31 {9EFAFDD0-6CBB-4C04-8B13-2C8E0A9D3F85} Alert Priorities
32 {432D7552-0363-4640-9CC5-23E4CA8410EA} TLS Organizations
33 {5B64A573-623F-4F5B-8865-78C62BF466A7} TLS Cipher Suites
34 {15856A98-7F87-46D7-84D2-18DD549F8A6F} TLS Certificate Authorities

Session groups

Flow like artifacts.

1 {99A78737-4B41-4387-8F31-8077DB917336} IP Flows. Eg TCP/UDP/ICMP/GRE and other flows

Alert Groups

If you are writing a LUA script and want to generate an alert without having to create your own alert group – just use the User Alerts group.

{9AFD8C08-07EB-47E0-BF05-28B4A7AE8DC9} IDS Alerts from Snort/Suricata via Unix Socket
{5E97C3A3-41DB-4E34-92C3-87C904FAB83E} Blacklist alerts from Trisul Badfellas plugin
{03AC6B72-FDB7-44C0-9B8C-7A1975C1C5BA} Threshold Crossing Alerts
{18CE5961-38FF-4AEA-BAF8-2019F3A09063} Flow Tracker Alerts
{B5F1DECB-51D5-4395-B71B-6FA730B772D9} General purpose User Alerts

Resource Groups

Similar to the concept of “Logs” in other systems.

1 {D1E27FF0-6D66-4E57-BB91-99F76BB2143E} DNS Resources
2 {4EF9DEB9-4332-4867-A667-6A30C5900E9E} URL Resources
3 {5AEE3F0B-9304-44BE-BBD0-0467052CF468} SSL Certificates

FTS groups

FTS groups are full text search documents in parseable form.

1 {9FEB8ADE-ADBB-49AD-BC68-C6A02F389C71} SSL Certificate FTS
2 {28217924-E7A5-4523-993C-44B52758D5A8} HTTP Header FTS
2 {09B305DF-078C-4B9E-8E2F-EA64B7326880} Full text dump of DNS records


You need these GUIDs when writing LUA protocol handler scripts.

Ethernet {974FB098-DE46-45db-94DA-8D64A3BBCDE5}
IPv4 {0A2C724B-5B9F-4ba6-9C97-B05080558574}
IPv6 {85C0CCED-DA8D-4029-924A-A6AB87F62EF8}
ICMP {7DDD65F2-A316-43b5-A103-368E700E045E}
UDP {14D7AB53-CC51-47e9-8814-9C06AAE60189}
TCP {77E462AB-2E42-42ec-9A58-C1A6821D6B31}