Trisul Executable

The trisul executable is located in /usr/local/bin/.

The trisul executable is the actual probe process. One instance of trisul will run for every context. You rarely need to run this command manually, instead

  1. use the web interface menu Admin > Start/Stop Tasks > Start Trisul on each probe
  2. use trisulctl_probe start context ctxname command line tool

Full Command line

Just type trisul to have it tell you the command line options.

[root@li76-90 ~]# trisul
Usage: trisul [--version|--machineid|--listdev] | [-demon|-nodemon]  /path/to/config/file -mode {runmode} -in ifile -out ofile -args extra_args 
{runmode} = select ONE  of the following 
         *  online_rxring      - Linux RX RING  [default]
            online_pfring      - Use native PF_RING API (requires libs)
            online_libpcap     - LIBPCAP 
            online_afpacket    - AF_PACKET with FANOUT flow based load balancing
            online_napa        - Use Napatech API (requires libs)
            offline            - read pcap files (also need -in option)
            idsalert           - alerts only processing via unix socket 
            offlineoverlay     - read pcap files overlaying on existing DB
            idsalertoverlay    - alerts only overlaying on stats db
            crashpcap          - for debugging, gen a pcap file from prev run
            instant            - for debugging, gen pkts from /dev/random like device
            lua                - a lua input filter drives the pipeline

Common operations

Checking version

[demo@li76-90 ~]$ trisul --version

Getting the machineid

You need to get the machineid in order to upgrade Trisul from the 3-day window free version to a licensed version.

[root@li76-90 ~]# trisul --machineid

Listing all available interfaces

[vivek@localhost trisul]$   trisul --listdev
[sudo] password for vivek: 
Num     Name            Description 
1  	eth0           	not available
2  	wlan0          	not available
3  	usbmon1        	USB bus number 1
4  	usbmon2        	USB bus number 2
5  	any            	Pseudo-device that captures on all interfaces
6  	lo             	not available

About run modes

The run mode controls what capabilities of Trisul are used while running.

The run mode is a combination of

  1. Packet Capture : type of capture mechanism
  2. Analytics Overlay : whether analytics are overlaid on top of existing metrics

Specifying the run mode from the web interface

To specify a run mode, go to Admin Tasks > Start/Stop Tasks then select run mode from drop down list for each probe

Modes supported

Available Features in runmode
Runmode Packet acquisition Parameters
online_rxring use RX RING
online_libpcap use LIBPCAP
online_afpacket use AF_PACKET
online_napa use Napatech API (*requires libs see below )
online_pfring use native PF_RING API (*requires libs see below )
offline From capture file/directory -in capture-file-dir
idsalert alerts only processing via unix socket
crashpcap For debugging
instant For debugging
offlineoverlay From capture file/directory

Overlay metrics on to existing data

-in capture-file-or-directory
idsalertoverlay IDS alerts from unix socket

Overlay metrics on to existing data

lua a lua script drives the pipeline -in lua-importscript.lua -args passed as T.args to your LUA script
Requires Libs
For PF_RING and other runmodes marked requires libs you need to copy the appropriate file into /usr/local/lib/trisul-probe. Trisul only ships with a stub implementation. For example : if you want to use PF_RING. Copy the compiled file into /usr/local/lib/trisul-probe. This is due to licensing issues.


Normal run as a daemon

trisul -demon /usr/local/etc/trisul-probe/domain0/probe0/context0/trisulProbeConfig.xml -mode online_rxring

Normal run attached to terminal

trisul -nodemon /usr/local/etc/trisul-probe/domain0/probe0/context0/trisulProbeConfig.xml -mode online_rxring

Run trisul over capture files in a directory

All capture files must be in tcpdump (libpcap) format. Trisul supports both big and little endian pcap files.

  1. PCAP files in directory are automatically processed in order of the timestamp of the first packet in each file.
  2. capture files can be gzip or bzip2. The prefix must be gz or bzip2 of bz2.
You can process a single PCAP file, a directory of PCAP files, or even nested directory trees
trisul -nodemon /usr/local/etc/trisul-probe/domain0/probe0/context0/trisulProbeConfig.xml -mode offline -in /home/vivek/mycaps/capdir

Run trisul for context named “satellitelinks”

Each trisul context is defined by the corresponding trisulConfig contextname folder.

trisul -demon /usr/local/etc/trisul-probe/domain0/probe0/context_satellitelinks/trisulProbeConfig.xml -mode online_libpcap

Run trisul only looking at alerts

In this mode Trisul only looks at IDS alerts. The only meters activated are related to alerts, such as top hosts generating alerts, victim hosts, etc.

trisul -demon /usr/local/etc/trisul-probe/domain0/probe0/context0/trisulProbeConfig.xml -mode idsalert

Run trisul using a LUA input filter script

If you want your inputfilter script at /home/kev/read_tcp.lua to drive the Trisul pipeline use the following

trisul -demon /usr/local/etc/trisul-probe/domain0/probe0/context0/trisulProbeConfig.xml -mode lua -in /home/kev/read_tcp.lua -args argstolua-script