4.1. First login

Congrats ! You now have a Trisul login screen and may be wondering where to go next. This page will get you from the login screen to the dashboards where you can view your first stats.

4.1.1 Viewing stats

  • Login

    Login as username = admin password=admin

  • Start Trisul
    • Go to Context : default > Admin Tasks > Start/Stop Tasks
    • Press the start button for trisul-hub and trisul-probe
    • Make sure both the components are started. They should be in “UP” state.

    Getting an error here?

    The error message is usually displayed right below. The most common reasons are

    • incorrect network adapter : By default trisul-probe listens for traffic on eth0 If you do not have an eth0 on the box the you need to switch the network adapter to the correct one using the steps in Configuring packet capture adapters
  • Login as a normal user

    Now you should log out and admin and log back in as a normal user in order to view the reports.

    • Logout as admin from the top right side menu
    • In the login screen, log in again as user = user , password = user
    • You should be viewing the hosts dashboard now. Wait for roughly 5 minutes for the data to be available.
    • Switch to Dashboards > Real time traffic to immediately start viewing traffic statistics.
  • Congratulations ! You are now on Trisul!