6.5. Custom Key Monitors

Custom Key Monitors allow you to monitor a set of items in real time, irrespective of whether they show up in the toppers list or not. You can think of them as subset of a counter group that is “special” to you. For example, the IP (Hosts counter group) is our internal build server, so we want to monitor it separately, generate reports for it separately, even though we may have thousands of other hosts.

You would want to use custom key monitors if :

  • If you want to keep an eye on a set of servers
  • You want to track certain VSAT (Satellite links)
  • You want near real time views
  • You want to generate custom reports of just these items

6.5.1 Create Custom Key Monitor

Directions to create new custom key monitors

Select Customize → Custom Key Monitors
  1. Click Add Custom Key Monitor
  2. The page displays a series of options which are discussed below
Field Name Description
Name Denotes the name of the Custom key monitor
Group Name Counter item of the key
Description Few words describing the function of the custom key monitor
  1. After completing all the fields , click create
  2. This leads to page listing all the custom key monitors
  3. Now click Edit Stats, which shows a page showing all meters in the counter group , choose the desired meter . Click Update.
  4. Now click Edit Keys, which shows a page with a text-area , user can type in the application keys which are to be traced (eg: p-0050, p -0016)

6.5.2 Viewing data

Directions to view Custom Key Monitors

Select Customize → Custom Key Monitors
  1. The page show a list of created custom key monitors
  2. Click the name of the particular custom key , which gives an in depth view of the custom key

6.5.3 Generate reports

Directions to generate reports for custom key monitors

  1. Click on Reports in the top menu
  2. Under the All Available Reports section , find the option Custom Key Report
  3. Parallel to this you can find several options such as Today till now|Yesterday|Pick Day|Pick Week|Pick Month|Custom
  4. The options indicate the time interval for which the report has to generated
  5. On clicking any one of the option leads to page showing the various custom key monitors for selected time interval
  6. Click the desired custom key , which leads to a page revealing a detailed view of the custom key
  7. A PDF icon is found in the top right corner of this page , click the icon to generate the PDF