Traffic Monitoring with Trisul

Traffic monitoring is the central task of Trisul. Out of the box, Trisul measures over 120 parameters about 16 different "things" such as Applications, Hosts, VLAN, MAC, etc. A "Counter Group":intro.html is the key concept you need to know about in Traffic Monitoring with Trisul.

Traffic analysis features

Real Time

You can monitor any metric in real time using Real time stabbers. This helps with troubleshooting and real time tracking of developing situations.

Historical analysis

Use retro analysis tools, long term traffic charts, monthly usage reports and other tools for historical analysis. Trisul does not summarize or roll up any old data.

Data acquisition methods

Packet capture

The default mode. Trisul does all its analytics by directly capturing packets from the network. Learn how to capture packets for Trisul NSM.


Can also accept Netflow v5, v9, SFLOW, and IPFIX instead of packets. This is a powerful low-cost way to gain total visibility into your internal network traffic without a TAP and Probe rollout with packet capture techniques.

Task list

Jump to common network analysis tasks

  • Find out which flows caused a traffic pattern
  • View flow activity of a particular host or port in real time
  • Jump from alerts to flows that caused them
  • Set up flow trackers to analyze specific activity
  • Investigate past activity
  • Enable metering which depend on flows not packets
  • Optimize full content storage (eg, store only first 1M of each flow)
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Related features

Real Time stabbers

Chart usage of any item or view toppers in any counter group in real time.

Example : View in real time top Internal Hosts, or view Total Bps for Port 443

Retro Analysis

Select a time interval and drill down over 100 ways.

Retro FAQ

Select a time interval and click on pre-defined analysis in Q&A style

Custom metering

Create your own custom counter policies.