6.9. Real Time Stabbers

Real time stabbers allow you to monitor various types of network activity within a 5 second delay.

A Real Time Stabber is a tool that allows you to get instant visibility into selected network traffic. The inspiration comes from the thermometer you stab into a piece of cake in the oven to check its temperature.

Key Traffic Stabber

Graphs network traffic of any item in real time. Example : Plot transmitted and received traffic of your mail server.

Counter Group Stabber

Shows most active items in any counter group. Example : Show most active applications by total traffic.

Flow Stabber

Currently active flows for a host or port. Example : Show flows for IP

Alert Stabber

Real time animated view of all alert activity in your network.

6.9.1 Browser requirements

  1. Websockets This feature requires a Websockets capable browser.
  2. LocalStorage Real time stabbers make extensive use of HTML5 local storage.
  3. Firewall Websockets feed arrive on TCP port 3003, open this on your firewall.
You need a websockets capable browser like Firefox or Chrome

6.9.2 Accessing Stabbers

There are three ways to access real time stabbers.

1. From the context menu in any module

  1. Click on the little tag symbol beside any item to bring up the contextual menu
  2. Select a real time stabbers from the choices shown

2. From any key dashboard

Lets say you are investigating an arbitrary item using the Key Dashboard

  1. Click on a Real Time Stabbers from the menu as shown below

3. From the menu

Select Tools → Real Time Stab Toppers
  1. Select a counter group
  2. Select one or more meters
  3. A set of stabber windows each corresponding to top activity of the meters selected is shown

6.9.3 Key Traffic Stabber

Use this to continuously monitor traffic (bandwidth) used by a particular item with a 5-second delay.

  1. zoom – select a time interval with mouse
  2. pan – ctrl + mouse
  3. smoothen – enter a number -say 5 or 10 in the box

Real time key traffic chart.

6.9.4 Counter Group Stabber

Top users of any counter group with a 5-second delay.

The image below shows a counter group stabber viewing top Internal Hosts based on the meter Incoming Bandwidth.

Real time counter group toppers.

6.9.5 Flow Stabber

Real time flow activity for any host or port.

  1. This is a live view, as each flow progresses the numbers update in real time.

Real time top flows for an item.

6.9.6 Alert Stabber

Select Dashboards → Real Time Alerts

A real time view into all IDS alert activity in your network. As new alerts come in they are animated and then transitioned onto the real time visualization.

  1. Live view optimized to handle large volumes
  2. Interactive bubbles allow you to sift through different alert types
  3. Real time aggregated list gives you instant overview