How can I view real time traffic ?

Select Dashboards → Real Time Network Traffic

How can I view the top hosts by usage ?

Select Dashboards → Hosts

How can I view the top hosts by usage to within 3 seconds ?

For real time traffic stats you need to use the Stabber feature.

Select Dashboards → Real Time Network Traffic

  1. Click on the tag next to any host
  2. Select Real time stab: Toppers

How can I view the top MAC by TRANSMIT to within 3 seconds ?

You need to use the Real Time Stab Toppers tool.

Select Tools. Then click on Real Time Stab Toppers

  1. Select the Counter Group, in this case MAC
  2. Select the meter, in this case TRANSMIT
  3. Press Live Update

Investigate past activity

Select Retro from menu

Now you can apply various Retro Analysis Tools to investigate

I want to see details of a particular IP, but it isnt showing up anywhere for me to click ?

  1. Use the search box
  2. Click on “View Details” to go to the key dashboard
  3. Use any of the tools on the key dashboard

Find out which flows caused a traffic pattern

Select Retro from the menu

  • Select the time interval of interest
  • Find Flow Tracker tool in retro dashboard
  • Select Traffic and click Analyze

View flow activity of a particular host or port in real time

Method 1

If you can see the IP in live dashboards

  1. Click on the small tag next to the IP and select “Investigate”
  2. Click Real Time stab:Flow Activity
Method 2
  1. Follow instructions in Using Search
  2. And click Flows in Real Time stabbers in Key Details modules

See Real Time Stabber

Store only 1MB worth of packets of each flow

Open Trisul Configuration file as root

How can I draw long term bandwidth usage charts ?

Select Tools → Long Term Traffic

Draw long term bandwidth usage chart for port-80(http)
  1. Select Tools→Long Term Traffic
  2. Select Apps from Counter Group and Total from meters
  3. Eneter port-80 in item box
  4. Click Analyze

How can I chart a specific metric such as connections for host ?

Select Tools → Long Term Traffic

  • Select Hosts from Counter Group and TCP SYN Sent from meters
  • Eneter in item box
  • Click Analyze

I want to group IPs together for reporting for example by department ?

Select Customize → Counters → Keysets →Add new Keyset Counter Group

Click Keyset Counter Group for more.