2.7. Start and stop Trisul

Describes how you can start and stop Trisul components. For a more detailed explanation see Basic Usage: Start and stop

2.7.1 Running Web Trisul

Web Trisul provides the Web UI and is configured to start automatically.

Start and Stop Webtrisul

Use the normal Linux tools to start and stop Webtrisul. The service name is webtrisuld

systemctl stop webtrisuld
systemctl start webtrisuld

Open ports 3000 and 3003 for Webtrisul

By default Webtrisul uses port 3000 and 3003 (for WebSockets) – you need to either disable the host firewall or open these two ports. Some examples

# open the ports 
firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=3000/tcp
firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=3003/tcp

# if you are using ufw as a firewall 
ufw allow 3000
ufw allow 3003

Also see :

  1. Using HTTPS for the webserver
  2. Changing the webserver port

2.7.2 Running Trisul

You can use the web interface or the trisulctl_probe/hub domain management tools.

Run via Webtrisul

Logon as admin and then

Select Context → Admin Tasks → Start/Stop Tasks → Click on Start Probe and Hub buttons

Run via command line

Login as root on the Hub or Probe node and type

start context default

The trisulctl_probe/hub tools execute commands on all nodes in the domain.

Also see :

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  2. CLI tool trisulctl_probe