1.1. Trisul User Guide

Trisul Network Analytics includes everything you need to deploy a distributed Network Traffic and Security Monitoring solution across your enterprise. The Trisul Network Analytics User Documention is an operational guide that includes topics related to installing, administering, and using the web interface to navigate, view reports, set alerts, and monitoring your network.

Other user documentation

  1. Trisul Reference : Describes various config files and command line tools
  2. Howtos : Contains documents that explain how to solve specific use cases with Trisul

Developer guides

Trisul is also a platform on which you can build your own applications. If you are looking to add your own analytics or automate database queries to retrieve flows, metrics, or packets please consult the developers guides listed below.

  1. LUA API Guide : Custom real time analytics using LUA
  2. TRP API Guide : Database and packet storage API

1.1.1 How to use this guide

Use the table of contents on the left to navigate the user guide. The following table describes what can be found in each section.

Working with the UI How to navigate the UI ? Using the modules and dashboards
Traffic monitoring How to perform long term and real time traffic monitoring ? How to create
your own counting policies ?
Raw packets and resources How to use and customize the full packet capture storage ? How to setup policies to control what gets stored ?
Flow analysis How to use flow data ? How to track interesting flows and tag flows with text labels ?
Alerts How to view alerts ? How to setup threshold crossing and flow alerts ?
Webapp admin Create web users, manage permissions, app settings
12 Tools you can use Description of built in network analysis tools
Reporting How to view the dozens of included reports ? How to schedule reports by email ?