16.1. ISP Configuration

Several ISPs have deployed Trisul in their networks to gain deep insights into their peering and routing efficiencies. In addition to the normal metrics, device, and interface level drilldowns made available in Trisul Netflow Analytics , the Trisul ISP configuration adds the following.

  1. Peering Analytics
  2. Prefixes IPv4 and IPv6
  3. AS analytics
  4. Mapping ASN, Prefixes, Geo location to gateway routers and interfaces
  5. Private Peering analytics with content providers
  6. Route analytics
  7. Custom metering of downstream customers usage patterns

This section describes how you can set it up.

16.1.1 BGP and Netflow

The Trisul ISP feature is enabled in the starter configuration by mixing Netflow and BGP.

16.1.2 Configuration details

Topics in this section:

  1. Configuring BGP in Trisul
  2. Installing Trisul APPs and dashboards specific to ISP analytics