13.6. Using Packets and Netflow together

Trisul can also consume a mix of Netflow and raw packets on the same or on different interfaces. The way this feature works is :

  1. Packets on Netflow ports will be expanded and interpreted as Netflow/JFlow/IPFix/etc
  2. Other packets will be treated as usual

If you want to only consume Netflow then refer to the Netflow Setup Howto

13.6.1 How to use this mode

To use this mixed mode – we use a different technique than that described in the Netflow only setup

We now enable netflow on a per-adapter mode.

For instance if you have the following scenario

  1. Netflow traffic on eth1
  2. PCAP traffic on eth0

and you wish to pull them into a single instance of Trisul you would do the following.

  1. Go to Customize > Network Adapters
  2. Create an adapter for eth0
  3. Create an adapter for eth1
    1. For eth1 – check the Force Netflow Mode checkbox
    2. For eth0 – ensure the Force Netflow Mode checkbox is unchecked
  4. Enable both eth0 and eth1 adapters
  5. Restart Trisul
While using this mode, make sure the TrisulMode in trisulConfig.xml is set to TAP (the default) and not NETFLOW_TAP

Netflow and PCAP on the same interface

If you have Netflow and PCAP on the same interface (say eth0). You would create two eth0 interfaces and check the “Force Netflow Mode” on only one of them.