13.11. Netflow Sources Dashboard

The Netflow Sources dashboard provide you the following system level information on a Time Series chart.

Per Router (flow exporter)

  1. Flow record Rate — number of flows per second per router being processed
  2. Flow sources — bandwidth per router
  3. Flow volume — netflow bandwidth. This is an important parameters. Shows the Netflow Record rate in Mbps

Per Interface

  1. Total volume — bandwidth of Top 10 interfaces

13.11.1 Using Netflow Sources

Select Netflow → Netflow sources to open the dashboard

Things to try :

  1. Expand timeframe using the “Time Window” drop down on the top
  2. Click on any item inside the chart legend to drilldown into long term views
  3. Click on to add any chart as a Reference chart to others. This allows you to compare different panels.