11.1. Reports

Trisul comes with dozens of pre-defined reports for your use. You can either view them on the browser or send them via email periodically.

Accessing reports

The central place where all reports can be accessed is via the Reports menu. You can also download various reports in CSV or PDF formats in different sections in Trisul.

Select Reports in the left menu section

Creating your own reports

Using the Trisul Remote Protocol API you can write Ruby scripts that create your own reports.

11.1.1 Report time

For each report type, you can easily select a number of predefined time windows as shown in the image below


You can also click on “Custom” to select any time window of your choice.

11.1.2 List of reports by type

Report types

  1. Executive — At a glance
  2. Endpoints and Applications — Of particular entities like an IP, port, router
  3. ISP Peering Analytics — AS,Prefix Reports from ISP Dashboards
  4. Commonly Used — Popular counter groups, top hosts, apps, etc
  5. Direct Reports — Generate reports for any metrics , alerts, or flows
  6. Custom Reports — You can generate your own reports


Report Name Description
Consolidated IP Report Total,in and out bandwidth traffic with top Internal hosts,top apps and port network layer protocols.
Executive Network Total usage,alerts,bandwidth utilization
Internet Service Provider Total bandwith,Hosts,Apps,Top ASNumber and Countries lists
Subscriber Activity An overview of all your internal hosts
Router and Interfaces Traffic details per router and about top router interfaces
Malware, botnet, virus infections A summary of all your internal hosts that might be compromised
IDS Alerts” Summary of top IDS (Intrusion Detection System) alerts via Snort/Suricata
Deep drilldown of Internal Hosts A comprehensive drilldown of internal host activity
Deep drilldown of External Hosts A comprehensive drilldown of external hosts
Deep drilldown of Applications A comprehensive drilldown of applications

Endpoint and Applications

Report Name Description
Endpoint IP Address Generates a summary report for a specific IP Address
Application Generates a summary report for a specific port / application
Static IP Report Generates Total,in and out bandwidth consume chart for a specific IP

ISP Peering Analytics

Report Name Description
AS Summary Report Generates a detailed AS Report for all Routers and Interfaces
AS Report per Interface Generates a Detailed AS Report per Interface
Geo Country Traffic per Gateway Country to ISP gateway mapping reports
Prefix Summary Generates a detailed report for prefixes in and out of ISP network

Commonly used Report

Report Name Description
Key usage report Track usage of key activity from any counter groups.
Hosts Get report of top hosts on your networ
Apps Get report of top applications on your network.
Internal Hosts Get report of top internal hosts on your network.
External Hosts Get report of top external hosts on your network.
ASNumber Get report of top ASNumber on your network.
country Get report of top countries on your network.


Report name Description
Interfaces Utilization Utilization report for selected Interfaces from Routers
Explore Router Interface Flow based report for a particular Interface
Interface Usage Drilldown Generates Report for traffic bandwidth and users for a particular Interface
Routers and Interfaces Router and Interface activity

Direct Reports

Report Name Description
Top Traffic Report Get toppers for any counter group
Top Session Report Get top flows on your network
Security Report Overview of all security alerts seen by trisul alerts

Custom Reports

Field Description
Report JSON Flexible Reports in JSON Format
Select Time Select the desired time