10.1. Overview

Resources are objects linked to intrusion or forensic indicators. They are transferred over the network. Trisul pulls them out, stores, and indexes them separately.

10.1.1 Normal vs Full Text Search (FTS)

In theory, all resources can be reconstructed from PCAPs at the time they are needed – but it can be a slow process. Trisul will pull out resources that are cheap to pull out at run time and are most often needed.

Resources are split into two categories based on how they are indexed.

As a single string with support for regex and bulk searching. Can search by IP, ports, or by regexes on the resource string.
Full Text Search
As a document with each token in a reverse index. Advanced faceted searching allows you to group and drilldown on selected attributes.

Resources – normal index

  1. Domains – pulled out by observing DNS protocol messages
  3. SSL Certificates – Hashes and Subjects

Resources – full text search

  1. HTTP headers – not just the URLs as in the normal index, but entire HTTP request and response headers
  2. SSL Certificates – the entire certificate chain in text form