14.6. Long Term Traffic

Purpose : Show long term traffic trends of a particular item.

View traffic trends for a particular item. You can specify a time window and a number of days. Trisul draws charts one below the other, aligned by time. This allows you to view daily, hourly, patterns in traffic for that item.

14.6.1 How to use

To access select Tools → Long term traffic
Field Description
Key Key + Counter Group identifies what item you want to see
CounterGroup Key + Counter Group identifies what item you want to see
Meters Multiple select box allows you to see many meters on the same chart
Time Frame You can select the desired Number of days by dragging from one date to another and also select the desired time using the custom time menu
Item IP for Hosts, http,https for Apps counter-groups
Business Hour You can specify the business time for accurate statistics
Bucket size Smooth traffic statistics over x seconds eg 60
Surface Type Select a chart surface type. Tip : Choose LINETABLE if you want to see a box with MAX/MIN/AVG below chart
Expression Combines two or more metrics unsing arithmetic expressions

Long Term Traffic