14.1. Analysis tools reference

14.1.1 Tools List

Select Tools from the menu

14.1.2 Long term historical analysis

Retro Analysis Access retro analysis tools, see Retro Analysis Tools for more details
Long term analysis View traffic statistics for a particular item over a long time frame. You can save the output as PDF
Monthly Charts Display daily totals for any meters for any item on a calendar
Search Key Space Select a time frame and search the key range
Real Time Stabber Real time stabbers allow you to monitor various types of network activity within a 5 second delay
Explore Flows Used to query flows by IP,IP pair,Port,Router Interfaces
Investigate IP Tool used to analyze host activity over a timeframe
Flow Tracker They are special filters to monitor top flows matching a set criteria
Flow Tagger Used to Assign one or more text labels to flows in real time
Payload Search Search for flows that contain specific payload string
Trisul Rule Builder Helps you create rules in for custom metering & flow tagging
Export Flows Download all IP flows
Routers & Interfaces Drilldown routers and interfaces