14.1. Analysis tools reference

14.1.1 Tools List

Select Tools from the menu

14.1.2 Long term historical analysis

Retro Analysis Access retro analysis tools, see Retro Analysis Tools for more details
Long term analysis View traffic statistics for a particular item over a long time frame. You can save the output as PDF
Daily Usage see Daily Usage for more details
Search Key Space

14.1.3 Real time and near real time

Real Time Stabber

14.1.4 Flow based analysis

Explore Flows.png see Explore Flows for more details
Investigate IP see Investigate IP Activity for more details
Flow Tracker see Flow Trackers for more details
Flow Tagger

14.1.5 Netflow and remote office stats

Routers And Interfaces see Routers And Interfaces for more details

14.1.6 Packet and others

Payload Search
Process PCAP
Trisul Rule Builder