14.10. Rule Builder

Used to build a rule for use for flow taggers, custom metering, etc.

14.10.1 Trisul Rule Format

See Trisul Filter Format section for more details

14.10.2 How to use

To access select Tools → Trisul Rule Builder
Combine with previous expression Whether to AND or OR this expression with what is already in the Tagger Rule box above. You can ignore for simple expressions
Counter Group Select a counter group which you want to match
Condition Select EQUALS or NOT EQUALS, this operator applies to the key field
Key Keys to match from the counter group selected. The text below the box has examples of key formats. You can specify multiple keys by using commas

Once you fill this out, press the Update Target Rule button. This will merge your input with what is in the Tagger Rule box above. Repeat the process if you have another expression.