5.5. UI Elements

This section contains a quick overview of the user interface elements used by Trisul.

5.5.2 Dashboards

Dashboards are used to present network analysis modules by placing them on specific locations on a web page.

You can :

  • Add / remove / reposition modules.
  • Change module parameters.
  • Create your own new dashboards.
  • Share your dashboards.

For more information see also:

5.5.3 Context Menus

A context menu available can be identified by a little tag next to an item.

The context menu is a very handy way to get around Trisul

5.5.4 Analysis Forms

These forms have a striped background throughout the app.

  • You can collapse the form for analysis results.
  • You can expand the form to tweak your analysis.

In the sample form below, you can notice the Hide button on the top right corner.

5.5.5 Toolbars

The toolbar area is the big title area at the top.There are two options available currently.

  • PDF → Click to convert the current page into PDF report.
  • Retro FAQ →Name the analysis and add it to the Q&A
Sample form shows the analysis

5.5.6 Packets and Flows drilldown buttons

In the sample form below,common cues to indicate that you can view related flows or download a PCAP is mentioned.

5.5.7 Autocomplete

All relevant form fields in Trisul are autocomplete capable. This functionality is triggered when you enter three or more characters.

Autocomplete 3 characters trigger

5.5.8 Charts

Trisul supports rich interactive charts. Many modules allow you to select a chart surface and specify other parameters such as width and height.


Charts are interactive.

You can :

  • Hover your mouse over an item such as a PIE slice and get a tooltip with values
  • Click on a chart item and go to the key dashboard
  • Click on a chart item in the legend area to show/hide the item
  • Click on the Expand Legend spot to get a detailed legend
  • Auto refresh the charts via Ajax calls

The retro chart is even more interactive :

  • Click and select an area
  • Zoom into a selection
  • Pan left and right
  • Use the selected time interval to perform drill down retro analysis

Available surfaces

The following surfaces are available


Download PCAP button

On tables featuring a “Download PCAP” button, clicking on the button will result in Trisul computing a “Packet Scan plan” and then downloading all of the requested entities into a single merged PCAP file.

Column select

On tables featuring a “Cols” link, clicking on it will let you choose the columns you want displayed.