12.9. Customizing Trisul for an OEM

If you are an OEM you can rebrand and customize the look of the product.

  1. Specify new product name, logo, customer name in reports, etc in oem_settings.rb
  2. Design new themes

12.9.1 oemsettings.rb

The OEM settings file is located in usr/local/share/webtrisul/config/initializers/oem_settings.rb This is the only file you need to change.

You must restart the web server for changes made to the oem_settings.rb file to take effect

12.9.2 Fields

You may modify these fields to suit your environment.


Manufacturer details (Do not change these)

Fields Defaults
MANUFACTURER_SITE “https://www.trisul.org”

About the OEM

Fields Defaults Description
OEM_NAME Unleash Networks Appears in the login screen and the page footer
OEM_SITE http://www.unleashnetworks.com Link appears in the bottom of page and in the login screen
OEM_TRADEMARK Trisul® is a registered trademark of Unleash Networks Appears in license page, and footers

About the product

Fields Defaults Desciption
PRODUCT_NAME Trisul The product name to be displayed in the login and in the page header.
PRODUCT_NAME_FULL Trisul Network Metering and Forensics Carries the detailed product name which will appear in the bottom of the login screen
PRODUCT_NAME_DESC Network Metering and Forensics Carries the product description , appears alongside the PRODUCT_NAME
PRODUCT_NAME_WEB Web Trisul Carries the name of the web-interface present.
PRODUCT_LOGO trisul.png Carries the product logo, appears on the login and page header and other places
PRODUCT_LOGO_SMALL trisul.png Used mainly as a 16×16 favicon and maybe in other places.
PRODUCT_LOGO_WHITE trisul_white.png Used mainly as a 16×16 favicon and maybe in other places.

End Customer Details

CUSTOMER_NAME “Trisul End Customer” End customer name in short
CUSTOMER_NAME_FULL “Trisul Network Analytics” End Customer name in full

Report settings

Fields Defaults Description
OEM_FOOTER_RHS Generated by Trisul NSM Carries the name to be displayed on the bottom right of the PDF
CUSTOMER_FOOTER_LHS ACME Inc Carries the name to be displayed on the bottom left of the PDF

Report links

Fields Defaults Description
LINK_PDF cg Controls whether the Commonly used reports bring up a PDF directly or shows a HTML report with a Generate PDFlink.
If set to cg – User views a HTML page depicting the usage activity of the counter group
If set to cg_pdf – User gets a PDF report directly ( one click link )

Retro analysis time selector

Fields Defaults Description
RETRO_TIME_RANGES [ [‘Hours’, 86400], [‘Days’,604800 ], [‘Weeks’, 2419200]]

Controls the time ranges shown as a tab on top the retro analysis chart.
You can set this to an empty array if you do not want any such selection and prefer to manually enter dates.

Fields Defaults Description
MODULE_RECENT_SECS [ [“15 Min”,900], [“30 Min”,1800], [“1 Hr”, 3600], [“3 Hr”, 10800], [“6 Hr”, 21600], [“12 Hr”, 43200], [“1 Day”, 86400] , [“1 Week”, 604800], [“1 Month”, 2678400]]

Extra plugins from oem

Fields Defaults

If you have connected tags to counter groups

Fields Defaults
DEEP_DRILL {:name => “Country”, :guid => ‘{00990011-44BD-4C55-891A-77823D59161B}’,:valid_tags=>[“news”,“social”]}

Default snort rules directory

Fields Defaults
SNORT_RULE_DIRS [“/etc/snort/rules”,“/usr/local/etc/snort/rules”,“/etc/nsm/rules”,“/etc/suricata/rules”]

snort look up url

Fields Defaults
SNORT_LOOKUP_URL “http://snort.org/rule_docs/xxxx-yyyy”
SURICATA_LOOKUP_URL “http://doc.emergingthreats.net/xxxx”

Show counter group description in retro counters

Fields Defaults

If you also want to do NETFLOW Network Layer Protocol Tracking per interface

Fields Defaults

webtrisul wants to connect which hub

Fields Defaults

Show Customer Logo

Fields Defaults