12.19. Disk usage alerts

This page describes how to get email alerts when disk usage exceeds a certain threshold.

By default disk usage alerting is not enabled.

12.19.1 Pre-requisites

Before you enable disk usage alerts you need to do two things.

Setup Email
specify outgoing email server credentials. see Setup Email
Enable email alert delivery
allow alert delivery via email see Email alert delivery

12.19.2 Edit configuration files

To enable disk alert threshold, you need to edit the hub and probe configuration files.

Setup disk usage thresholds on Hub node

Edit the trisulHubConfig.xml file and set the following parameters under SlicePolicy.

represents the percent usage threshold of disk. Here it is shown to be 90.

Similarly set threshold values for all three storage areas, oper/ref/archive. You can set them all to the same value if they are mounted on the same storage volume.



Setup disk usage thresholds on Probe node

Edit the trisulProbeConfig.xml file and set the following value.

the disk percent threshold value for the probe node


12.19.3 Viewing alerts

When disk usage crosses the thresholds set an “User Alert” will be generated.

Select Alerts > All Alerts → User Alerts

These alerts are also delivered instantly via E-mail.

A sample alert shows the current usage, the partition, the threshold usage and the directory root.