12.6. Home Networks

Several features of Trisul depend on being able to tell which IPs belong to your home network and which are to be treated as external. The rough idea is that hosts in your home network are thought to be under your administrative domain. For these features to work accurately you need to tell Trisul which IPs constitute your “Home Network”

By default, the private IP ranges 10.x, 192.168.x, 172.16.x are considered to be home networks. If that is all you have, you are all set. There is nothing more to do here.

12.6.1 Terminology

Here is a quick description of terminology related to the concept of home networks.

Outgoing Traffic

Source IP is in your home network, but Dest IP is not

Incoming Traffic

Source IP is not in your home network, but Dest IP is

Internal Traffic

Both Source IP and Dest IP are in your home network

Transit Traffic

Both Source IP and Dest IP are not in your home network.

12.6.2 Add a new home network

It pays to be accurate about your home network as it can impact several reports and views. If you want to add a new subnet to your home network or edit an existing entry, follow these steps.

Login as admin user to manage home networks.
Select Context : default > profile0 → Home Networks
  1. Click on Add a network
  2. Enter an IP and a subnetmask (eg, and that represents your home network
  3. Click Create button to add a new home network