12.1. Logging in

You need to use a SVG capable browser like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari to work with Trisul.
For best results use Firefox or Chrome

Trisul can be accessed by pointing your browser to :

12.1.1 First login

If this is the first time you are logging in , use the built-in admin user or user user.

To configure

username = admin
password = admin

To view stats

user name = user
password = user

Once logged in please change the password.

12.1.2 Contexts

Contexts are multiple analysis domains in Trisul. At login time you must select the context you wish to analyze. Hover your mouse over each context name to get a description of what the context contains.

If you only have one context, which is the most common case, the choice is not shown.

12.1.3 Logout

You can logout by clicking the logout at the top left.

12.1.4 Inactivity security timeout

Due to the sensitive nature of the data presented by Trisul, there is an inactivity timeout associated with each user. If no user interaction is seen by Webtrisul server for a certain period of time, the user is automatically logged out. They will then have to present their login/password again to re-enter the system.

You can increase inactivity timeout

To access, Login as Admin. Select Manage → App settings → Web Server → Idle Timeout

If you want to disable it – set it to some huge value (1000000 seconds)

12.1.5 Login rules

  • If you login from a second location, Trisul will kick the first session out. (like yahoo/gmail/etc)
  • The superadmin (ie the user with username admin ) can login from any number of places.
  • All other users can have only one active session. For example : if a user logs in from home and forgets to logout and comes to work. When he logs in from his work machine, his home session is automatically logged out.
  • The admin user can Force Logout any user with a stuck session.
  • Remember me functionality is not available
  • The same inactivity timeout applies to all users including admin
  • All login activity including inactivity timeout is logged (See Admin → Tasks → User Auth Log)
You can allow specific users to also login from multiple locations at creation time