12.5. Menus

You can customize which items appear on the menu panel. You can control both the parent and sublevel menu items and positions.

12.5.1 Create a new menu

You can either create a new item or clone an existing one and modify some parameters.

Login as admin user to manage menus.

Method – I : Create a new item

Select Webadmin → Manage → Menu Manager
  1. Click Create New Menu
  2. You are shown the form with following fileds
Field Name Description
Menu Name Name of the menu
Parent Menu Select a parent if this is a submenu or select No Parent
Role ID User Roles
Description Description of the menu
Params Json valid json

Method – II : Clone an existing item

You can create a new by cloning the existing menu

Select Admin → Menu Manager
  1. Click Clone in the menu list
  2. Edit the required fields and click Create button

12.5.2 Manage Menus

You can rearrange the menu

Move Up

Click the Move Up link to up the menu one level

Move Down

Click the Move Down link to down the menu one level


Deletes the menu