The Trisul LUA API

The Trisul LUA API allows you to build your own powerful tooling on top of the Trisul platform. The embedded LuaJIT interpreter offers almost close to C performance.

Latest News
2-Feb-2020 New development tools Use the testbench options luatestdir and TRISUL_LUA_PATHS env variable. Avoid copying under-development LUA scripts to standard Trisul probe search paths.
29-Dec-2019 New flowkey() method added to object Layer
10-Oct-2019 New MAXIMUM and MINIMUM counter types added. See T.K.vartype
23_Jun_2018 New async execution model. Script can request more async workers by the TrisulPlugin.request_async_workers parameter. New Protocol Handler script feature allows you to attach to any host protocol and port without using the Access Points user interface
07-Jun-2018 New cheatsheet helps you select the correct script type
30-May-2018 BITMAUL an open source LuaJIT based protocol dissector launched
20-Dec-2017 Trisul DevZone wiki launched

Getting started links

Here are some key resources to get you started.