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Click to read about a major update of Trisul Network Analytics 7.0. What you get is a brand new responsive User Interface, a new compliance mode, and powerful new Netflow analytics features.

Announcing a new release of Trisul Network Analytics with major new features to help you create your own PDF reports, monitor a range of keys for threshold events and improved netflow interface screens.

A new serious remote code execution vulnerability was revealed this week in the logging library Log4J (logging for Java) package. This article explores some options for investigating and detection effects of this vulnerability from the network monitoring side.

Announcing a fresh new release of Trisul Network Analytics with new packages for Ubuntu 20.04LTST(Focal) and Oracle Linux 8 (compatible with RHEL8). This release features enhanced reporting, new utilities and further improvements to Netflow metering. We want Trisul to become the default choice for serious Netflow and Packet traffic analytics teams.

Announcing a new release of Trisul Network Analytics with greatly improved support for Netflow traffic metrics. Improved user interface , stability, and other features are in this important release.

Announcing a new Jan 2021 release of Trisul Network Analytics featuring new Netflow monitoring screens, BGP monitoring for ISPs, and several other features and bug fixes. Free download now.

Trisul Network Analytics provides a cool app to monitor activities of IP address ranges.

Trisul brings advanced real time traffic, device, and flow analytics to Netflow monitoring.

Trisul Apps are plugins to enhance the capabilities of Trisul. These are the extended features that are fully integrated with Trisul UI to get better and interactive analytics.

A new March 2020 release of Trisul Network Analytics is available with new distributed tooling, feature updates, and bug fixes.