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Investing in a NetFlow Analyzer is essential for ensuring operational excellence and enhancing your company's ROI. Take a look at the comprehensive guide.

Discover how Trisul NetFlow Analyzer revolutionizes network traffic analytics with streaming analytics, machine learning, and advanced features for efficient, strategic network management.

Discover the latest Trisul Network Analytics release, version 7.0.3167! This update features a new Storage Analyzer, faster IPDR compliance, and upgraded NetFlow Analyzer with improved reporting and FortiGate integration. Update now or Sign Up at

The primary use case of IPDR Logging is for regulatory compliance. IPDR plays a significant role in ensuring data privacy and protection by capturing and storing only the essential network flow parameters required for compliance.

Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR) is a standardized format for ISPs to gain a comprehensive insight to enhance their network management and ensure regulatory compliance and audit.

The first 2024 release of Trisul Network Analytics features enhanced ability to manage Netflow Routers and Interfaces, new Admin tools, and dramatically improved IPDR Compliance flow storage solution.

A fresh new release of Trisul Network Analytics is available for immediate download. Features major performance improvements to provide high volume Netflow ingestion for large ISP applications.

Flow metrics in Trisul Network Analytics measure flow based activity in network rather than bandwidth. This post describes the Top 3 flow metrics that you can put to use today.

Click to read about a major update of Trisul Network Analytics 7.0. What you get is a brand new responsive User Interface, a new compliance mode, and powerful new Netflow analytics features.

Announcing a new release of Trisul Network Analytics with major new features to help you create your own PDF reports, monitor a range of keys for threshold events and improved netflow interface screens.