Trisul Pricing Straightforward perpetual license options based on network size FAQ

Enterprise License
  • starting $950
  • Best price to performance ratio
  • All included, no need for a separate database
  • Distributed deployment ready
  • Starting from USD $950
  • Pay as you grow per your network size
Free License
  • 0
  • All features enabled
  • Reports for most recent 3 days Older data rolls off
  • 10G Raw PCAP limit
  • Upgrade any time to enterprise license
  • Get a full featured Time Trial license

all prices in USD; all licenses are perpetual; easy ordering via secure online store

Licensing FAQ

  • What is an Internal IP ?

    The maximum number of active IP addresses seen by Trisul in your Home Network space. If you are a 10,000 IP enterprise but you are only using Trisul to monitor a remote office of 500 IPs you should get the 500 IP license.

  • I need a Trisul Hub with 3 Probes how many licenses do I need

    Trisul 6.0 is licensed on a per-probe basis. You would need 3 Licenses

  • I have one probe that monitors a lightly loaded network – can I use the SMB license?

    Yes. You can mix and match probes. If your lightly loaded probe only sees 500 internal IPs then you can start with a Small Biz 500 license and upgrade as the load grows

  • Can I mix free probes with licensed probes in a single domain?

    No. The free license only allows you one probe per domain.

  • Is the free version feature restricted

    No. The free version is full featured. The only restriction is the data retention window. For more details see Free License

  • How much load can one Trisul handle

    On a recent quad core system with fast disks Trisul can handle very diverse networks upto 1Gbps with good network cards and up to 5-6Gbps with off the shelf 10G cards. If you are interested in monitoring faster networks, please contact us. We may need to work with a packet capture accelerator.

  • Can I point Netflow from 1000 devices to a single Trisul instance

    Absolutely. We dont cap the number of Netflow interfaces. Only the total number of Internal IPs are counted.

  • How does the licensing work

    We will send you a license file which you have to place in a specific location. See Installing a license.

  • What happens if I go over the internal IP limit

    Upto the licensed limit will be processed correctly. Flows, Statistics, and Packets for IPs over the limit may or may not be processed depending on system resources.

  • My organization needs source code

    Please contact us. We can arrange for a source code license that will allow you to build and install Trisul yourselves under suitable terms and conditions.


We are actively looking for partnership opportunities in the following areas

  • Technology partnership for new 10G/40G
  • Network and security consultants
  • VARs
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Unleash Networks

Trisul is developed by Unleash Networks. Purchases will be made via our secure online store.