Trisul NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer

Real-time streaming analytics to help you gain deep visibility of your network traffic, detect anomalies, and to build a lossless historical record.

Traditional SQL DB based analyzers fall short

How Trisul NetFlow Analyzer's Streaming Analytics is Better?

Finding it difficult to get the metrics you need ?

Simple NetFlow Analyzers included with ITSM Tools use a SQL flow database to produce the output. Long term traffic reports such as ``Show me Facebook Traffic on my WAN interface for April 2024`` can be challenging. But sometimes this is what you need.

Experience real time streaming analytics

Trisul uses Real Time Streaming Analytics to process NetFlow into traffic metrics and topper snapshots which are first-class objects. This enables long term queries for any of the 100+ metrics which Trisul provides out of the box. You have to see it.

Enterprise wide to port level visibility

Hundreds of metrics give you end-to-end visibility

  • Supports all variants and versions of NetFlow (v5,v9,IPFIX,JFlow,SFlow)
  • Metrics at global level give you network wide vantage point
  • Zoom in with Turbocharged Top Talkers
  • Troubleshoot in real time with 2-second Real Time Stabbers
  • Point and click customization to ensure zero blind spots
Enterprise wide to port level visibility

Routers and Interfaces Drilldowns

Find out what's on every port in real time or historical

  • Fully automatic onboarding of devices - just point Netflow
  • Automatic alerts on port high usage
  • Fully integrated with SNMP
  • Top talkers, hosts, applications, users, NBAR, QoS and more
  • 2-sec Real time traffic, SNMP poll, and top talkers
Trisul Routers and Interfaces Screen


Deeper insights than traditional netflow analyzers

Customizable metrics and streaming analytics light up new areas

  • Cardinality - Count unique hits on our server IP
  • Filter - Top applications in our Accounts department
  • Keyset - Measure groups of IP, apps, subnets as one
  • Ruleset - Example count https traffic on these servers as Video
  • Crosskey - Combine two different groups such as Port x User-IDs
Traditional NetFlow Analyzers

Get alerted on out of bounds behavior

Automatic watches for network anomaly and threat detection

  • Badfellas - Threat Monitoring based on curated high quality open source intel feeds
  • Automatically get alerted if any network interface crosses utilization thresholds
  • TCA - Threshold crossing alerts can be set on any metric - such as Total Throughput
  • Flow Tracker - If you want to know if anyone uploaded a 10GB file outside your office
  • Band - AI/ML based alerting if any metric curve lies outside of expected value for day of week and time of day.
Automatic watches for network anomaly and threat detection

Real Time 2-second views to the rescue

What is going on this very moment rather than one minute earlier

  • Any metric at 2 second updates.
  • What hosts are active right now on WAN Uplink.
  • What flows are active on an interface or globally at 1 sec.
  • Build your own real time dashboards.
  • A very handy SNMP based bandwidth meter at 10 second.
Real time 2 second views
Trisul Rolling Cards


Trisul NetFlow Analyzer


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