Get an extended license

Get an extended license

Evaluate Trisul Network Analytics at full scale

Extended license

An Extended License allows you to test distributed Trisul Network Analytics at scale. Get it !

Congratulations ! Your Extended License for the following Machine ID is ready. Just fill out the form to get the License file emailed to you.

How to get your machineid

Are you running on the Free License of Trisul?  The free license has some limitations such as caps on the number of days data is stored, size of the PCAP database, number of routers in Netflow mode, etc. Request an extended license which unlocks all of these restrictions and allows you to test Trisul more thoroughly at scale before committing to a commercial license.

Install Trisul Network Analytics first on a target system and provide us the Machine-ID to get the extended license file.

  • evaluate the unlimited license of Trisul
  • setup distributed probes and hubs
  • try out your production load
  • fully test out Trisul before buying a production license
Get an Extended Licence
Unlock the full power of Trisul with an extended Trial license
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Install Trisul on a server and give us the machine ID. See the left side for instructions.