ISP Peering Analytics

Trisul's powerful streaming analytics engine and the scalable backend gave rise to this class of solutions for Internet Service Providers. Using a combination of data sources Trisul provides ISP's with a very rich view of volume flows across their networks.

Total visibility into your BGP routes, prefixes, and peerings

Trisul ISP is a set of applications you install on top of the base platform. These apps install analytics modules that are of specific value to Internet Service Providers.  A dozen dashboards and reports give you exactly the insight you need into the physical port level usage as well as detailed traffic flows of Autonomous Systems,  Prefixes, and Routes.  Trisul helps you negotiate with content providers, upstream peers, and optimize your costs.

AS Peerings

Peer AS, Origin AS, downstream and upstream analytics. Special tracking of popular content providers like Google, Amazon, Facebook

Prefix analysis

Your prefixes real time and historical traffic mapped to gateways, next hops, and AS. See external prefixes usage per gateway


Active routes from your internal BGP viewpoint and one external viewpoint. Drilldown from AS, Prefix, Peering Interface.

Trisul ISP features and benefits

FeatureBenefit to ISP
Full gateway device monitoringComplete Netflow based real time and historical monitoring of all gateway interfaces and subintefaces.
AS traffic mappingKnow traffic volume flows per Autonomous System number. Cleanly split into upstream, downstream, peer and origin AS
Geo traffic Ensure traffic flows from gateway devices are destined for geographical destinations from the optimal exits
Prefix trafficDrilldown from AS to Prefix. Track in real time and historical usage for every prefix advertised by you. Track prefixes from popular content sites.
Content to Subscriber mapsFor popular content YouTube, Facebook, Netflix track prefixes to help optimize delivery and upsell.
Route AnalyticsShows loaded routes, helps you select new peering policies
DrilldownsFull M;N degree drilldowns help you pivot from one angle to another easily
feature spotlight

Best route analytics

  • Real time monitoring of active route topology
  • Nested table and sankey views
  • Inbuilt BGP route receiver automatically in sync with your tables