Solutions Overview

The Trisul Network Analytics base platform can serve a wide spectrum of applications. We have combined a application specific mix of analytics modules, dashboards, and data enrichments to create solutions for different industries.

The building blocks - ingestion, analytics, and presentation

Trisul can be adapted to different solution spaces by carefully selecting the type of network telemetry ingested, picking the appropriate streaming analytics algorithms, and by the custom visualizations and dashboards.

Tailor your solutions to match your needs easily

Network security monitoring is concerned with full stack analytics right down to the packet level.  Hence we combine the packet ingestion along with security type analytics to create the Trisul NSM solution.  Netflow is a less expensive but easy to deploy visibility tool, while it loses the packet level capabilities, it retains the metrics power.  Trisul ISP combines Netflow and BGP feeds. The BGP feeds create a base topology that is used by the analytics algorithms.


Network security monitoring

Gain 360-degree visibility, detect threats, and investigate with Trisul NSM.


Enterprise Netflow

Lossless in-depth Netflow monitoring of your internal, external, and east-west traffic.


ISP Peering Analytics

Instant insights into Peering traffic flows, Prefix, and Route analytics