How the free license works

When you first download and install Trisul Network Analytics, you are automatically given a "Free 3-Day Rolling Window License". It will collect and index all types of data without any limits on number of endpoints. However, only the most recent 3 days of data can be reported on. Older data just rolls off.


High level feature Free License Full License
Standard Packet capture YES YES
All metrics YES YES
Flows and alerts YES YES
PDF Reporting and auto-email PARTIAL YES
Packet Storage MAX 10GB per probe UNLIMITED
Number of probes ONE (local or remote) UNLIMITED
Export via API to Splunk/ES/etc YES YES
Trisul EDGE Graph Analytics YES YES
Custom Packet capture with 10G accelerator cards CALL YES

Why are we doing this?

Most of the products in this 'continuous network and security monitoring' segment only allow you to schedule a canned demo with their pre-sales teams. Trisul dramatically cuts the friction and simply believes in getting the product in front of you first. We are so confident that those who really try Trisul will almost always come back and purchase a commercial license to unlock its full power.

Get started

Most recent 3-days

The free license gives you tremendous value as it gets you all of the real time analytics and the most recent 3 days for historical analysis. The best way to get started on the Trisul Network Analytics platform.

Lets get started !

Request a 30-day full license

We understand that you may want to evaluate Trisul for a longer time frame to assess its storage and performance over longer periods. You can request a full 30-day license online using the link below.

Request 30-day license

Upgrade to a full license

Unlock the full value of Trisul's long term analytics and machine learning by upgrading to a full license.

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