Trisul Netflow Analytics

Trisul Network Security Monitoring provides the deepest end to end monitoring, however deploying a packet based solution can be expensive for many organizations. Flow telemetry technologies like Netflow, SFLOW, JFlow, NetStream offer a great fallback option. Trisul Netflow uses the same analytics, metrics, open API, and backend databases as the deeper packet based system. Our customers can now deploy a very large scale , lossless, distributed system to send all of their Netflows.


Trisul Netflow Benefits

One place to send all your Netflows for maximum visibility and analysis

  • easiest way to gain full traffic and flow visibility
  • all versions of Netflow, SFlow, JFlow, IPFIX, NetStream supported
  • rich device views with interface drilldowns
  • best in class performance, support 100s of devices on one server
  • no roll ups of metrics and flows. best for investigative analysis

Powerful device and interface drilldowns

Trisul automatically builds a device topology view from Netflows it sees.  Monitor traffic flows at the global view as well as on a per-interface basis.

Automatic discovery

Just point your netflow at Trisul. Devices show up automatically.


No roll-ups or summarizations of metrics or flows. No blind spots.

Best performance

Trisul offers best performance, upto 1M flows/sec on a single server for best value

Threat monitoring

Automatically scan Netflow traffic for known threat indicators

Real Time views

Real time interface usage drilldowns to aid troubleshooting

Extensible with APPs

Customize your Netflow accounting to any degree using our Open API or Trisul APPs

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