Feature build for ISP applications

Feature build for ISP applications

Versions: Hub 6.5.2847, Probe 6.5.2960, Web 6.5.2179

Release Highlights

Trisul Probe

Key featureset to support BGP for ISP application

  • FEATURE: High performance BGP Route Receiver and integration built in
  • FEATURE: New Netflow metrics for BGP NextHop, IP Hext Hop, Prefixes, AS and others
  • FEATURE: Flow taggers can now specify a Tag Group to distinguish tags from multiple sources
  • FEATURE: AggregateFlows is now faster and can handle flow tags and tag groups
Trisul Hub
  • FEATURE: Much improved AGGREGATE FLOWS query
  • FEATURE: Ability to add more than 1 HUB node using the CLI tool trisulctl_hub
Web Interface
  • FEATURE: Much improved plugin API , your tool can attach to a context menu
  • FEATURE: APP framework, you can use HAML for the skeleton and a separate CSS
  • FEATURE: EDGE analytics added to Retro Tools
  • Several other fixes , new Ruby/Rails backend
Trisul Apps

Trisul APPS are free extensions for real time analytics and visualization

For full release notes see Trisul Release Announcement

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