Announcing the Latest Release Trisul June 2024

We are thrilled to announce our latest release Trisul Network Analytics 7.0.3167. This update is packed with bug fixes, security enhancements, and exciting new features.

What’s new in Trisul 7.0.3167?

Storage Analyzer

One of the standout features in this release is the Storage Analyzer. This new tool allows you to:

    • View and manage disk storage pools.
    • Assign labels to offline storage for S3, Object Storage, or Tape.

IPDR Compliance

For users focused on IPDR compliance, we’ve made big improvements to query times, enabling you to search billions of flows in seconds. This enhancement significantly boosts your data retrieval and analysis efficiency.

NetFlow Analyzer

Our NetFlow Analyzer has seen several upgrades:

    • Improved interface drilldowns for more intuitive and detailed analysis.
    • Enhanced custom reporting capabilities.
    • Integration with FortiGate syslog for comprehensive monitoring with user name and machine names.

Release notes

Full release notes can be found here at Trisul Forums.


If you’re an existing user, we strongly recommend updating to the latest version to take advantage of the improvements.

New users can easily sign up and download the latest version from our Get Started page.

About Trisul Network Analytics

Trisul Network Analytics continues to lead the way in providing maximum visibility into network traffic. Whether you’re monitoring NETFLOW or RAW PCAP, Trisul helps organizations manage detection, visibility, and compliance challenges effectively.

For more details check out our latest Trisul NetFlow Analyzer page and head over to to sign up and download the latest update.


Trisul Team