New Netflow based analytics in Trisul released

New Netflow based analytics in Trisul released

We are pleased to announce that a fresh build of Trisul Network Analytics 6.0 is now available for download.

In todays’ network environments, a full-on, lossless, flow metering system is a must. Even if you have advanced packet based NSM (Network Security Monitoring) platforms – Netflow visibility provides the widest baseline visibility and is easy to deploy.

We’ve got two new tools in the latest release of Trisul that will delight users of Netflow based analytics.

Routers and Interfaces Control Panel

Most of our Netflow users demand good support for heirarchical router and interface type drilldowns in addition to global visibility. We introduce a brand new “Router and Interface Panel” that lets you locate and drilldown into interfaces.

  • A Magic Map viz tool to help you quickly select busiest routers and interfaces. See the screenshot above.
  • Automatic discovery of routers and interfaces from Netflow traffic
  • Click on router to drill down into interfaces
  • Click to interface to analyze usage (total traffic, hosts, apps, flows)
  • Interface tracking (see below) gives you accurate breakups of interface traffic with no loss
  • Integrated with SNMP to automatically discover all names and aliases
  • Get email alerts when interface usage exceeds limits, include hosts, apps, conversations, flows in email

Interface Tracking

Tools that provide drilldowns based on Top-K flows suffer from a big flaw when working with large networks. The results just arent very accurate. We introduce a new streaming analytics tool called “Interface Tracker” that you can enable on very busy interfaces. This results in 100% accuracy when drilling down into Top-K type analysis on interfaces.

Other Netflow related features

  1. New Netflow Configuration Wizard helps you configure Trisul for Netflow in minutes
  2. Brand new Email alerts module with comprehensive context to every alert
  3. A new flowdirector module that allows you to process Netflow and SFlow on the same UDP Port

The latest Trisul 6.0 builds also include a huge number of packet analytics and platform based improvements. We will be introducing them to you shortly.

Free Download Trisul 6.0 ! Ready to go packages for Ubuntu and CentOS.