New release available Nov 3 2023

IPDR Internet Protocol Data Record is a feature of Trisul Network Analytics that is used to meet worldwide flow logging compliance requirements. In this release of Trisul, we have spent a ton of effort tuning the for processing performance and storage scaling to meet the requirements of the largest ISP customers. We are now able to handle a sustained load of 1M flows/second with 6 CPU cores.

We are pleased to announce the new release of Trisul Network Analytics that includes all these improvements and much more. This is the usual 3 month release cycle we follow.

Key highlights :

  • Big improvements to flow processing and large storage
  • UI enhancements
  • Better NBAR flow tagging, and ability to show crosskey related metrics on a per-interface basis
  • Processing NAT and SYSLOG as sources of telemetry in addition to NETFLOW and PCAP
  • New Ubuntu 22 JAMMY and RHEL9/Oracle9 packages
  • 400+ smaller tweaks

Full release notes

What Trisul Network Analytics brings to the table

By signing up and installing Trisul you gain capabilities in three areas – Monitoring, Detection, and Audit. Our features are designed to be of immediate benefit to you by providing over 150 network related metrics out of the box, with easy tools to help you create your own metrics. Our default approach to data is to store everything for as long as you can. This philosophy has proven to be invaluable as our customer turn to Trisul as a full source of truth in event of a breach.

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