New Release with custom reports, range threshold alerting and more

We just updated brand new packages of Trisul Network Analytics with even better improvements to Netflow analytics. The top new features in this release are sure to please our users.

Feature : Flexible Reports

Trisul includes more than 40 automatically E-mailable PDF reports out of the box covering most common use cases. This new release allows users to go even further and create their own reports including their own custom data using a graphical interface. Common use cases are reports for specific IP Addresses corresponding to customer IPs, specific ASNs for ISP, and so forth.

For details about this feature: see Flexible Reports Documentation

Feature : Range TCA alerts

TCA stands for Threshold Crossing Alert. In Trisul you can watch any metric for any key and set alerts if the value crosses a particular hi-water mark and clear when it crosses back into a low-water mark. For example you can watch Transmit Bandwidth for host and alert if it ever crosses 5 Gbps. This release features key-range alerts that can track an entire range of keys and alert if any key in that range crosses the thresholds. With this new release Trisul users can watch the entire block and alert if any IP in that block crosses 5Gbps. The TCA alerts screens have also got a great makeover.

New Threshold Crossing alerts features

New Netflow Interface coloring

We updated the Netflow Interfaces tool to give even more useful information to you. Now interfaces are colored automatically to reflect utilization number for receive and transmit traffic. When interface utilization crosse 70% it shows as yellow, over 80% as orange, and over 90% as red. There are other major improvements to Netflow read them in the release notes.

Automatic interface colors based on utilization

Full release notes

Full release notes can be found at