Announcing a new Trisul release with enhanced support for distributed management

We are happy to announce we released a new update of Trisul Network Analytics today. The latest builds can be accessed from our Getting Started page now.

Feature highlights : Better distributed domain management, new apps, and lots of other fixes

New versions : Release date March 23 2020

  • Trisul Probe : 6.5.2986
  • Trisul Hub : 6.5.2966
  • Web Trisul : 6.5.2218
  • Platforms : Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS/RHEL 7, Docker
  • Download link at the end of this post.

Here is a quick roundup of the key changes you will find in this release.

Improvements to distributed domain tools

We are seeing quite a few customers scale up to distributed Trisul where they deployment multiple probes and hubs across their enterprise and bring them together into a single view. The CLI domain management tools trisulctl_probe and trisulctl_hub are critical to ensure uptime and maintenance of the distributed domain. We’ve made a lot of improvements in this release

  • Naming. You no longer need a node named probe0. You can name your probes whatever you want.
  • High Availability : There is a special node called router0 which provides the co-ordination and discovery. The HA commands install ha domain , ha check have been improved. The HA testing and recovery commands ha switch primary/backup have been improved and a bug has been fixed.
  • Stricter checks during start/stop: In addition to PID file based checks we have introduced stricter checks to assure that key domain processes are up and running.
  • Dual homed probes fault tolerance. A probe can flush to two hubs in HA mode. This release provides graceful recovery in case of node failure.

Application changes

You can find these useful features in this release

  • Multiple LDAP domains : For user logins
  • Netflow : Improvements to handle PermanentBytes and PermanentPackets template fields. Fixed a bug caused by IP Fragmentation of Netflow packets.
  • Geo: Support the new MaxMind API
  • UI: New support from “Import Dashboard from URL”
  • Devices: New logic to show ifAlias and ifDesc in interface and router names. Updated SNMPv3 support.
  • Several other improvements


We are seeing great interest in our customers for Trisul APPs. These are small plugins you can write which provide exactly the functionality you want for your environment.

  • New CIDR Tagger : The CIDR tagger automatically tags flows with selected CIDR values. For example if you have a common requirement to be able to search and aggregate flows by a /27, /28 then you tag all the flows with that information and then you can search for those. See CIDR Tagger on GitHub
  • New SNMP App: Install this app to immediately enable basic SNMP monitoring for all your netflow devices and interfaces.
  • ISP analytics: Major updates to all ISP Apps – Path / Prefix / AS analytics. Please contact us for details if you are an ISP wishing to try out Trisul with BGP.

We encourage all Trisul Network Analytics users to update immediately. See Upgrading Trisul for step by step instructions.

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