Trisul 2.6 is now released

Happy New Year 2013

We are pleased to announce that Trisul 2.6 is now available for download. This release has been a long time in the making but it is our best release so far. We have fixed over 600 issues large and small on top of our 2.4 release besides adding some awesome new features.

The highlights of this release are ( full list )

  1. Advanced payload searching : any text or binary pattern even inside compressed and chunked HTTP streams
  2. Automatic flow tagging : tag all flows that went to China, pull them up instantly
  3. Flow headers : you can just click on any flow and view the top 5000 bytes of each flow without having to pull out the PCAPs
  4. Major updates to documentation and website usability

We hope to blog about each of these new features in the coming days.

 Download Trisul 2.6 for Ubuntu or CentOS today. Remember it is free for monitoring a 3-day window. Dont lose this opportunity to boost your analysis capabilities.